Here is the best western of all time according to the spectators!

Released in the summer of 1969 in France and directed by Sergio Leonewith an average rating of 4.497 stars out of 5, the best western according to AlloCiné viewers is… Once upon a Time in the West.

The Italian filmmaker’s fifth feature and fourth western, Once Upon a Time in the West is the first he’s shot without his favorite actor. Clint Eastwood. The hero, nicknamed “Harmonica”, is this time embodied by Charles Bronson and must face Frank, a ruthless killer played by Henry Fonda.

Its worked plans, its calculated slowness, its very well sketched characters and its dense and well-crafted scenario make it one of the major westerns in the history of the genre, sublimated by the bewitching music imagined and orchestrated by Ennio Morricone.

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