Her new life marred by a dark affair, she files a complaint…

Hélène de Fougerolles seems to have more than one life. After being in the spotlight for her relationship with Antoine Arnault, the son of the famous businessman Bernard Arnault – now married to the most beautiful woman in the world, she became the mother of little Shana suffering from autism, the result of his past relationship with businessman Eric Hubert. She has always wanted to remain discreet about her private life and recently made the decision to move away from the Parisian crowd. The noise of the city, the horns galore, the garbage cans dripping on the ground… very little for her now.

A few months ago, the 49-year-old actress moved to the Luberon. And for nothing in the world she would do the opposite. Hélène de Fougerolles even got a great professional opportunity near Apt and La Tour-d’Aigues, 20 minutes from her home. “I am very happy. By selling my apartment in Paris, I paid off all my debts“ she had confided to the journalists of the magazine We both. I liked being warm, I liked the sun, and I found it so pleasant to be in the South of France. I always thought that one day I would have a house there.“But even if she enjoys her new life every day, the actress still encounters some inconvenience. She is currently in court. Indeed, the mother of the family has just filed…

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