Helping players ‘just focus on their performance’: Wimbledon allows dark undershorts

It’s a small revolution for the London tournament. “Next year, women and girls taking part in the tournament will have the option of wearing colorful shorties if they wish.” Grand Slam Tournament Director Sally Bolton said in a statement. The Wimbledon boss clarified that the decision was made after “discussions with players and stakeholder representatives“.

We hope these adjustments will help players focus solely on their performance by eliminating a potential source of anxiety.“, continued Bolton. The dress code of the International of England imposed on the players and players white outfits on the London lawn, marking a singularity with regard to the other Majors, the Australian Open, Roland-Garros and the US Open.


The end of all-white at Wimbledon? The tournament and the WTA are discussing it

11/08/2022 At 5:52 PM

The end of white shorts in football?

In 2014, the rules were tightened by requiring participants to wear white underwear to comply with the “all-white” policy.

Tennis is not the only sport to be affected by these concerns related to menstrual periods. At the end of October, the Manchester City women’s football team announced that their shorts would no longer be white from next year. At the beginning of July, the star of the English selection Beth Mead, European champion, had notably campaigned in favor of softening the outfit, explaining that this “wasn’t practical when you’re at this time of the month”.


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