He thought he was deaf but actually had a piece of earphone stuck in his ear for 5 years

A Briton who thought he was deaf actually realized he had a piece of earphone stuck in his ear for five years.

He thought he was losing his hearing, but he wasn’t. Britain’s Wallace Lee thought he was going deaf because of his career in the aviation industry or old rugby injuries, reports RTL. He was far from suspecting the real origin of the problem…

A piece of earphone stuck in the ear

His sudden hearing problem ended up giving him a clue. So he decides to buy a homemade endoscopy kit. It was there that he saw a white object in the back of his ear and therefore decided to make an appointment with a doctor. This one managed to remove what was actually… a piece of earphone.

“The fog that had been in my head for all these years disappeared instantly. I heard perfectly well“, confided the British veteran to the BBC.

This piece of earphone would have jammed five years earlier, on a plane trip.

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