Has Isabelle Adjani been digitally retouched?

Back on the small screen in Diana of Poitierswhere she plays the title role under the direction of Josée Dayan, Isabelle Adjani confided without language of wood on the digital retouching.

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She is so beautiful and so young in Diana of Poitiers, the historical mini-series of France 2, the sequel of which is broadcast this Monday, November 14. At 67, the Caesarized actress plays this historical figure from her 30s to 66s. But did she resort to cosmetic surgery or some digital retouching? The answer is no, according to its director José Dayan, who revealed to the Parisian than his favorite actress “asked, to keep the flesh alive, let no plan be sweetened“.

“The image is only due to the right light, the right focal lengths…”

No, there was no digital editing on this series, confirmed Isabelle Adjani. The image is only due to the right light, the right focal lengths… And then, I’ve been working with the same make-up artist, Laurence Azouvy, for a very long time: she was an assistant on Murderous Summer (1983). Its preparer makes a completely extraordinary organic foundation, which reflects the light. The Legend of Diane de Poitiers is that of a woman who does not age: we were right on the subject!”

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Isabelle Adjani has already been digitally retouched on other projects

Isabelle Adjani admits it all the same: it has already been digitally retouched. “Yes of course, like all famous French actresses, and it’s not a question of age, indicates the actress. Who doesn’t want to look their best? We all have a better profile. With digital, you can remove an unsightly button or crease. Digital retouching has become commonplace, it is part of technical evolution”. Isabelle Adjani did not abuse this remedy. I happened to say to myself, seeing the image: ‘This is not possible, modifications are needed!’ And then, conversely, I sometimes said: ‘Be nice, don’t touch anything!‘”, says the actress who believes that “corrections have become systemic, it’s everyone’s Photoshop reflex with mobile apps. Teenagers, especially, are already caught up in the world of images and create avatars of themselves”. But for Isabelle Adjani, “The whole thing is to continue to look alike”.

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