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Discover the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 5 in advance episode 1021 of Tuesday November 22, 2022 on France 2 with New TV. Marion and Elisabeth decide to lie to the police, each has their own reasons. Hélène rescues Alix from police custody.

The complete recap of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil of 11/22/2022 with all the spoilers and preview photos of the day’s episode 1021. #UnSiGrandSoleil

Elisabeth such a big sun

Elisabeth risks big for false testimony

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 1021 broadcast on France 2 on Tuesday November 22, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes Such a big sun episode 1020 is online. offers you the full summary to read below:

Guilhem tells Elisabeth that Sylvie’s death is really an accident.

Guilhem had an appointment with a man for an illegal financial arrangement.
Elisabeth finds herself up against the wall: she is in a very difficult situation. Elisabeth does not want to give false testimony.

Guilhem tells Elisabeth that she had fewer scruples when he helped her with Julien. He says he has always helped him… Guilhem is blackmailing him. Elisabeth must confirm her alibi whether she likes it or not.

Guilhem such a great sun

Guilhem pushes hard and reminds Elisabeth of everything he has done for her

The next day, Alain finds Elisabeth a little weird. Alain thinks she should ask Guilhem to come by the house, he must need support. Elisabeth says he must prefer to be alone.

claudine such a big sun

Claudine happy for Alix whom she nicknames “Madame ++++”

Hélène shows Alex the letters that her grandmother and Brénas exchanged. She explains that it was passionate between them. Then she shows photos of her grandmother who had the Brénas paintings behind her desk. She thinks it proves the webs are true.

Marion tells Laurent that she is worried about going to the police station. She is afraid that the police suspect her. Marion tells Laurent that she thinks Guilhem might have killed her health. Laurent tells him to be careful and not to accuse without proof.

Alix such a big sun

Hélène allowed Alix to be exonerated

Hugo tells Yann that there are traces of struggle on Sylvie’s body. Becker will open a judicial investigation. Hugo can’t say if it’s intentional or involuntary homicide.
Marion lies to Sylvie, she says she went to see her aunt to say goodbye to her before her trip. Outside, it was Sylvie who asked Marion to come and see her.

Elisabeth receives a call from Lieutenant Yann Cross: he wants to hear her as a witness in the case of Sylvie’s death. Elisabeth is going to be at the police station at the end of the afternoon.

Thierry has received the expert report on the tables: with 95% certainty, the tables are true. Alix’s police custody is lifted.

Such a big sun in advance episode 1021 of November 22, 2022: Elisabeth lies, coerced and forced

Elisabeth such a big sun

Elisabeth decides not to tell Alain what is going on with Guilhem

Johanna receives a call from Guilhem: he tells her that he is not sleeping very well. Johanna is worried about her uncle.
The seals have been lifted in the house: he can return there. Guilhem doesn’t want to impose himself on Johanna…he wants to stay close to Sylvie by returning to the house where they lived.

Guilhem is sad on entering the house, he remembers the moments with Sylvie and at the same time the drama….(in the background, we have an opera to intensify the emotions… it’s strong).
Alix is ​​entitled to a dismissal from the judge and the paintings are returned to the gallery. Alix thanks Hélène for saving her. Alix invites Claudine and Hélène to the restaurant with champagne on the menu.

Yann such a big sun

Yann wonders about Elisabeth’s testimony

Elisabeth decides to lie to Yann and supports Guilhem’s alibi. She confirms that he came to settle legal points of a contract at her house before his departure to Japan.
Elisabeth explains that no one can confirm this meeting: Alain and Arthur were absent. Elisabeth signs her report…Yann seems to see that Elisabeth is nervous.

Our opinion

The +

  • A nice friendship at the rendezvous for Claudine, Hélène and Alix
  • Johanna is far from suspecting what her uncle Guilhem did
  • Alix always comes out of it in the face of all the galleys


  • The lie the king of the episode: Guilhem, Elisabeth and Marion are lying!

Main Cast

Melanie Maudran, Aurore Delplace, Fabrice Deville, Chrystelle Labaude, Benjamin Bourgois

Duration of episodes (average)


To be continued on full summary Such a great sun episode 1022 (season 5) from Wednesday November 23, 2022 on France 2. Do not hesitate to vote for your suspects to find out who killed Sylvie Cabestan ? 😉

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