Griezmann’s wife made him drool!

In a relationship with Erika Choperena for more than ten years, Antoine Griezmann had to work to seduce the one who would become his wife

Antoine Griezmann landed in Qatar with the Blues. Four years after its coronation in Russia, the French team is looking for a third star. The tricolor striker will still be one of Didier Deschamps’ main assets despite declining statistics. The Mâconnais had said goodbye on Monday to his wife and three children: Mia, Alba Amaro.

Erika Choperena is now used to her separations. The couple has indeed been together since December 2011 and the wife of the former Barcelonan has therefore experienced the World Cups in Brazil and Russia as well as the two Euros disputed by the former Barcelonan. Their story could have started a year earlier, but the young Basque player took a long time to seduce the French striker.

I rowed…

Antoine Griezmann had recounted their meeting, while he was at the Real Sociedad training center, during an interview with GQ. “We were housed in a residence with a canteen, which we shared with students from a nearby university. I saw her pass with a tray. I asked around me if anyone knew her. It was then explained to me that she was learning child psychology.he explained.

Seduced by the young student, Antoine Griezmann had to take his troubles patiently. ” For a year and a half, I sent her messages, I tried to seduce her. I rowed… We have been together since December 27, 2011 “, he had recognized in the documentary Griezmann Confidential.

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