Giroud, Henry’s “pathetic” statement

Olivier Giroud has just reached the record of Thierry Henry, co-top scorer with him in the France team. A sequence dating from 2015 featuring the former Arsenal player is reacting again.

Thanks to a double scored Tuesday evening against Australia, during the first match of the French team in the World Cup 2022 (4-2 win), Olivier Giroud finally achieved one of the goals he had set for himself: to join Thierry Henry at the top of the ranking of the top scorers in the history of the Blues. With fifty-one achievements on the clock, the tricolor center forward has equaled the record of the 1998 world champion, perhaps waiting to exceed it. The performance of the Milanese was inevitably very commented and it also made it possible to dive back into some archives.

One of them was buried Wednesday evening on the set of the chain The Team. It was a sequence broadcast in 2015 on Sky Sports, and in which Thierry Henry gave his opinion on Olivier Giroud, then Arsenal player. A particularly acid opinion. ” If you were playing at Arsenal right now, and I think Giroud is playing very, very, very well, do you think you would win the league with him? I don’t think you could do it with him. He’s doing a great job, but you can’t win the championship. “A statement which, years later, still does not pass for some.

“He writes ‘game’, I”

Guest present on the set of The Team, Claude Leroy reacted to these words resurrected from a not so distant past. ” It is pathetic ! Thierry Henry, what he says… It’s absolutely incredible. But him, Thierry, as he writes ‘game’, not GAME, but JE, we can understand why he said that. Seven years later, has the former glory of Arsenal changed its mind about Olivier Giroud? Not sure that being joined, and probably quickly overtaken at the top of the famous ranking of top scorers with the Blues, helps soften his judgment.

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