Gilles Clain leaves the majority of Mathieu Hoarau

Today, I decide to leave the majority of Mathieu HOARAU and ask him to withdraw my municipal delegations.

After having contributed to the victory of the list he led last February, I unfortunately found that I am not in phase with the methods used, the orientations chosen and a good number of decisions.

I believed that we could carry out, together, a new policy for our fellow citizens, a renewal expected and desired by all.

Was I naive to believe it? I do not think so .

Should I stay true to my beliefs? Obviously.

I specify that this is not a resignation and that I will continue to sit as a municipal councilor, in an opposition that will want to be constructive, direct and frank.

I will continue what I am committed to: working for the interests of our fellow citizens. Never a title, a function or even an indemnity will divert me from this commitment.

Furthermore, I salute the unfailing commitment of the municipal agents who work on a daily basis to ensure the proper functioning of the various services despite the various constraints they may encounter.

I therefore remain at the service of our commune. The Etang-Saléennes and Etang-Saléens will always find in me an attentive ear and a devoted spokesperson.


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