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After years of sailing in a perpetual storm, made up of takeovers, mergers, disposals, departures of editors, loss of income and other calamities, the Gamekult ship has finally hit the iceberg that will have got the better of it. An iceberg in the shape of Reworld Media, a group infamous for its propensity to publish low-quality content on a chain with the aim of easily bringing in dough. The impact had taken place a few months ago, when the site was sold by TF1 to Reworld, but it was only this evening that the crew decided to formalize the extent of the damage and to recognize that the waterway could no longer be blocked.

Let’s stop these clumsy maritime metaphors, I’ve come to the end of it, like the writing of Gamekult itself: it’s duringone of them streams “Call Me the Manager”accompanied bya statement on twitter, that Puyo (the leader) and Father Fidalbion (the deputy leader) announced that all its members took the unanimous decision to leave the GK editorial office from December 7th. Of course, officially the site will continue to exist, recruitments are also in progress to repopulate all these positions left vacant, but that does not change the fact that the Gamekult that we have known and loved for over of twenty years (and with whom we had not hesitated to mate during a night of torrid love to give birth to the best podcast dedicated to PC gaming news) is indeed dead.

With Gamekult, it is the last bastion of true French-language online JV journalism that falls, a site that had always put forward its independence (ultimately quite relative when one belongs to a large group, as we can realize this evening) and his intransigence, refusing the ease of click bait and preferring big feature articles, unfortunately very few sellers. It is an understatement to say that the disappearance of the site will leave a great void in a landscape that has already been battered for years.

We therefore thank all the extensive writing (editors, freelancers, men and women shade de la tech…) for their work during these two decades, and we wish them all to quickly find a job that matches their talent. For those of you who are wondering what they will be able to reinvest the money they will save by stopping their Premium subscription, here are some ideas: there is our Tipeee/utip, it’s very nice thank you. But if you prefer to give your money to people who really need it to continue to exist, go and give it to PC duck and or JV le Mag : even if they cut down trees for their publications (although CPC seems to be moving more and more towards this strange futuristic technology called “the web”), they are officially the last representatives of a JV press as we hardly do any more and it is therefore important to see it survive. As for us, modest pandas that we are, we don’t even want to play smart with our best GIFs of Christophe Lambert in Highlander, and we’ll just raise our fists in the air, and keep saying ” crap”.

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