Gad Elmaleh faced with a revelation about his private life, a TPMP columnist throws a hell of a file

This Thursday, January 19, when Gad Elmaleh was invited on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” to talk about his new show “D’ailleurs”, a columnist remembered a very personal anecdote about the famous comedian .

Gad Elmaleh was in good shape this Thursday, January 19 in Do not touch My TV. Came on the set of the show to promote his show Moreover, broadcast on Canal+, he quickly turned to Béatrice Rosen. “Once in my life she chased me after almost a whole day while I was dressed as a clown. She knocked me out with a slime, in my sleep she did weird things to me, I woke up in another dimension in a distant house in a forest.” he told the columnists with humor, before the actress clarified that it was for the shooting of a film: “A long time ago in another life.” In the process, she, in turn, told an anecdote about the guest of the evening.

Can you give me a hint?

“We saw each other in Los Angeles. You had a lease with a mutual friend, who lived with me. II had a casting the next day, I wanted to get home early, and the suckers, because they didn’t have a car, neither of them, they drove me all over LA to get them back to his hotel” , told the pretty blonde, before adding that he had “critical” her “conduct“. Something to surprise Noé’s father (born from his previous relationship with actress Anne Brochet) and Raphaël (fruits of his love with Charlotte Casiraghi), who had obviously forgotten…

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