French team – FFF: Daniel Riolo is already releasing the files on Philippe Diallo

No state of grace for the interim president of the FFF, since Daniel Riolo is already shooting him in the legs as soon as he succeeded Noël Le Graët.

The French Football Federation changed mind. Exit Noël Le Graët, who was sidelined pending the verdict of the audit requested by the Ministry of Sports, and place Philippe Diallo, interim president after having worked for years behind the scenes. With this new leader put on the front of the stage, the 3F should in any case save itself from scandals or other slippages, it not being the kind of this graduate of Sciences Po Paris of 62 years, in the authorities for years. decades since he joined UCPF in 1992. If this appointment was not planned for him, it could nevertheless continue in the months to come if the sanctions against Noël Le Graët were to fall.

Diallo involved in an expensive social plan?

A highlight which has already earned him an attack from Daniel Riolo, who has files on Philippe Diallo, in particular for his involvement in the social plan of the Fed. ” He spoke in front of the employees with good intentions. He also returned to a painful episode which marked the employees of the FFF in recent years, it is the famous social plan, which led to the dismissal of 18 employees. He didn’t have to, but he said anyway, ‘I’m sorry about what happened, but basically I had nothing to do with it. Oh good ? Philippe Diallo has nothing to do with it? It turns out that he was the one who validated it. At that time Le Graët was a little ill and Hardouin the only real boss, supposedly he had to save money. But this social plan cost 2 million euros”, swung Daniel Riolo, who obviously believes that we must be wary of the comments made by Philippe Diallo. An attack from the outset that will not help the Federation to recover from the events of recent days. Anyway, it should continue to be agitated throughout the month of January, pending the results of the investigation by the Ministry of Sports, carried out in particular on the actions of Noël Le Graët.

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