France team – EdF: Benzema forfeits, he accuses Deschamps and France

France lost very big, and the World Cup has not even started yet with Karim Benzema’s withdrawal pronounced just after his return to training.

After Christophe Nkunku and Presnel Kimpembe, it was Karim Benzema who had to forfeit after the list given by Didier Deschamps. To be deprived of the Ballon d’Or for such a competition is undoubtedly a big blow for theFrench team. And yet, for days, Didier Deschamps and KB9 himself had been reassuring in their words, believing that it was a simple embarrassment, that the injury was about to be healed and that Benzema was simply cautious to the point of skipping a few matches. In fact, the French striker was badly injured, and he got another injury as soon as he tried to resume full training.

Nasri puts his foot in the dish

And the day after this crazy announcement for France, Samir Nasri asks the angry question, especially since Karim Benzema will not be replaced among the Blues for the World Cup. As a result, it was necessary to be fixed from the start on the state of health of the Real Madrid striker, with a chicken that was a priori affordable and a player who obviously lacked competition.

If he was marabouted, I don’t know (smile) I got him yesterday, he was upset. I think the management was bad with him. He is a special player who requires special attention. We didn’t necessarily need Benzema for Australia, Tunisia and Denmark. He’s a player who takes you through a level and so we needed him for the knockout matches. I find that really damaging. Shouldn’t push him. He had played 60 games last season, it is normal that he feels a certain fatigue at 34 years old. It was not necessarily necessary to push at the start of the World Cup”underlined the former midfielder of the Blues, who believes that decisions of caution should have been taken given that the competition can last a month.

Benzema badly managed by France

This is for example what Belgium did by selecting Romelu Lukaku when the Red Devils striker is not fit for two weeks. But the prospect of possibly having him available for the knockout matches was behind this decision by Roberto Martinez. Impossible to remake the world, and French doctors agree that all precautions had been taken. Nevertheless, Didier Deschamps wanted a full group to start the competition, and he has now lost his starting centre-forward.

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