France-Japan in Toulouse: when the lawn of the Toulouse Stadium crumbles in the middle of a match, the image that stains

the essential
From the first moments of the meeting between France and Japan, we saw the lawn of the Stadium of Toulouse rise in large pieces during a scrum.

Third minute of France – Japan, this Sunday, November 20, rugby match of the autumn tour in Toulouse. First scrum between French and Japanese and there, the rather impressive, and disturbing image: in large armfuls, the lawn of the Stadium crumbles under the feet of the actors of the meeting.

Appeared under the grass, large patches of sand. The players were forced to replace these heavy clods themselves.

The lawn will be impeccable at the Stadium?#FRAJPN

“Jb Czl?” (@ZalcaB) November 20, 2022

Contacted, Philippe Plantade, vice-president in charge of sports at the Metropolis, present during the match, like many spectators “noted that the lawn had risen on part of the field”.

The elected official mentioned “what at this time is presented as a minor fact” explaining that “the gardeners would however be on site after the meeting to understand what happened and do what is necessary and restore the lawn” .

This France – Japan marks the reunion of the Toulouse enclosure with the XV of France, which had not occurred in front of the Toulouse public since 2009 and a meeting against South Africa.

In this autumn tour, the Blues have already dominated Australia at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis (30-26), and the South African world champions at the Stade VĂ©lodrome in Marseille (30-26).

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