For Emmanuel Macron, “the French are very proud”, “even a little arrogant”

Traveling to Thailand, the president judged that “we doubted ourselves a lot”, “sometimes too probably”. The Élysée assures BFMTV that his remarks were “a joke”, without “innuendo”.

A new “macronade” whose the president has the secret. Emmanuel Macron gave his vision of his fellow citizens this Thursday evening from Bangkok, at the APEC leaders’ summit. “Certainly, the French are very proud, sometimes perhaps a little too small, even a little arrogant,” he said from Thailand.

“We doubt ourselves a lot”

Before qualifying his remarks.

“We doubt ourselves a lot, sometimes too probably. Nevertheless, I think we can have confidence in our future because France has many assets to fight in this world and achieve results”.

The president-candidate had deplored during the presidential campaign the analysis of small sentences which he pronounced during his five-year term and which sometimes shocked the French.

“One thing that matters to me: not to hurt”

Of “those who are nothing”at “I cross the street and find you a job”through his will to“piss off” the non-vaccinated against Covid-19his first mandate was peppered with remarks that damaged his image in public opinion.

“When we put it in context, familiarity does not mean provocation. But there is one thing that matters to me, and that is not to hurt,” said Emmanuel Macron to Ebra Group newspaper readersincluding The Dauphine Libere last April during the presidential campaign.

The head of state then conceded only one regret: his words as Minister of the Economy to the “illiterate” employees of the GAD group.

“A joke”

Proof of the Elysée’s desire to avoid any new controversy: the president’s entourage has put the remarks made in Bangbok into perspective.

“It was a joke. He was talking about the need to understand and interact between French and Asian cultures. There was really no innuendo,” says one of his relatives to BFMTV.

“It was a point-blank remark. He was referring to a perception of the French abroad, but it is not a value judgment”, further advances the presidency.

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