Football OL – OL: A denial released in the entourage of Textor – Olympique Lyonnais

On the verge of buying Olympique Lyonnais, the American John Textor has surrounded himself with investors to carry out his project. Among them, his compatriot Jean-Pierre Conte wanted to make an important clarification about the amount he personally bet.

The third closing date is still not the right one for John Textor. In question, a document expected from the Premier League, the buyer being also a shareholder in Crystal Palace. It is a priori a simple setback which should not call into question the acquisition of Olympique Lyonnais. The American has indeed raised the necessary funds to become the majority shareholder of the Rhone club. To achieve this, the future boss of Les Gones had to surround himself with investors.

An investor clarifies

The Ares Management group, which would have staked 400 million euros, is one of them. Just like his compatriot Jean-Pierre Conte who was the subject of false information. This week, the Bloomberg media reported that the businessman had pledged to invest 100 million euros through his Genstar Capital group. What the entourage of Jean-Pierre Conte wanted to deny by providing details on his participation in the project. ” Mr. Conte made a personal investment and Genstar Capital was in no way affiliated with the agreement or otherwise “Said the entourage of the businessman to Olympique-et-Lyonnais.

Mr. Conte is not free to disclose his investmentadded the source. (The amount will be) considerably lower (than the 100 million euros announced). “Anyway, his bet should be enough for the happiness of John Textor who, barring any further setbacks, should be able to officially buy Olympique Lyonnais this weekend. We are talking about an operation estimated at around 800 million euros in total, after exclusive negotiations which were launched last June, and which required two postponements in September and then in October.

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