Foot PSG – PSG: Endrick releases an XXL confession, a blow for Doha?

Endrick is one of the most courted cracks on the transfer market. The PSG is also very warm to the idea of ​​​​recruiting him.

At only 16, Endrick is already turning the heads of all the big European clubs. Announced as the next Neymar, the Palmeiras player has big plans for his career. That’s good, it’s also the case for some big clubs. According to information from Fabrizio Romano, the PSG, Chelsea and Real Madrid are currently the clubs best placed to secure the services of Endrick. But nothing is decided yet, while Palmeiras also wants to receive the sum of 60 million euros to start negotiations. The Brazilian press announces that the PSG has already drawn an offer of 40 million euros, refused. But all the clubs interested seem determined to match the amount requested by Palmeiras.

Endrick, already a first clue about his future?

For his part, Endrick keeps a cool head and wants to be pragmatic. In remarks relayed by Fabrizio Romano and from the Gazzetta dello Sportthe young Brazilian admits in particular to having started English lessons: “But I’m not going to answer about my future club. Of course, I would like to play the Champions League in 2, 3 or 4 years. I’m open to all clubs, I’m waiting for the best proposal for me and my family.”. This is honest and would already give him an advantage if he signed for Chelsea. For the moment a minor, Endrick will certainly have to wait until he is 18 to take the plunge and join Europe. There will therefore be no shortage of proposals. Good news for PSG, however, the fact that Endrick is a big fan of Neymar, who would be well advised to use his aura to bring him back to Paris. As the native of Brasilia says, the best offer will be the one that will put him in the best position to continue his progress.

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