Foot OM – OM is the biggest club in France, Guendouzi has the proof

As he prepares to play his first World Cup in the jersey of the France team, Matteo Guendouzi is a special player in Ligue 1. The OM midfielder leaves no one indifferent, in the good or the wrong way.

Matteo Guendouzi and theOM found themselves well. Combative with a bubbling and sometimes provocative temperament, the midfielder ultimately represents everything that the Marseillais love. No wonder, then, that he has become one of Stade Vélodrome’s favorites since his arrival from Arsenal in 2021. But with his clear-cut mentality, the French international is far from unanimous among opposing clubs . Whistled by Tottenham fans every time he takes the ball in the Champions League this season, the 23-year-old is probably one of the most hated players by fans of other French clubs. And if he is so harassed by the opponents, it is because he plays for the best club in France, according to him.

“Marseille is the biggest club in France”

“With Dimitri Payet, we must be the two players who get whistled the most in Ligue 1 and that’s probably because Marseille is the biggest club in France. My character on the pitch? When you live the matches at 200%, a lot of emotions go through you and it can involve inappropriate reactions but there is never anything mean. Wanting to win, be better than the opponent and give my all, it comes naturally to me, whether in a match, in 5v5 in training or playing ping-pong. These are my values, my character and my personality that allowed me to play in very big clubs and to be in the France team. Today, I find it easier to open up to my loved ones, I am very fulfilled, in a really soothing setting. I also became a father, so you inevitably become more mature »detailed, on GQ Magazine, Guendouzi, who hopes to have a good World Cup with the France team before returning to Marseille to win a trophy and silence the critics.

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