five suspects charged in Bulgaria

Five suspects have been indicted in Bulgaria after theattack perpetrated on November 13 in Istanbul, attributed by the authorities to Kurdish PKK fighters and their allies in Syria, the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office announced on Saturday.

Five people have been charged with helpingOne of the alleged perpetrators of the attack to flee, told AFP Siyka Mileva, spokesman for the public prosecutor of Sofia. Their role waslogistics“, she said, adding that the prosecution had requested detention for four of them.

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According to local television channels, three are from Moldova and another from an Arab country, which is not specified. Six people were killed and 81 others injured in the explosion which occurred last Sunday in the middle of the afternoon on a pedestrian artery, in the heart of Istanbul. The attack has not been claimed at this stage.

Seventeen people were imprisoned in Turkeyincluding a 23-year-old young woman accused of having dropped the bomb on a bench in the avenue d’Istiklal.

Arrested in an apartment in the suburbs of Istanbul, Alham Albashir, presented as being of Syrian nationality, would have entered Turkey illegally from northeast Syria, according to the authorities. She admitted the facts while in police custody, they said.

According to the official Anadolu news agency, citing the police report, she said she first came into contact with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in 2017, through her ex-boyfriend, and reportedly kept a connection with the organization after their breakup.

The PKK and the YPG (People’s Protection Units), a Kurdish militia active in Syria and accused by Turkey of being affiliated with the PKK, have denied any involvement in the attack.

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