Faustine Bollaert steps up to defend her husband, the writer Maxime Chattam

The host of It starts today, on France 2, gave a rant this weekend, to defend her husband, the writer Maxime Chattam.

For many years now, host Faustine Bollaert and writer Maxime Chattam have been enjoying unclouded happiness, surrounded by their two children: their daughter, Abbie, born in 2013, and their son, Peter, born in 2015.

Guest this weekend on the radio show We redo the TVon RTL, Faustine Bollaert spoke about her strange daily life, as the wife of an author of detective novels. “The other time, we were looking at Star Academy, and he was looking at an autopsy report for an upcoming book. I said to the children: ‘Don’t look at what dad is looking at, because there…” she had fun at the microphone of Eric Dussart.

Then questioned by the journalist on “the double notoriety of their couple“, the presenter confessed that her husband had no desire to be”in the light“: “He doesn’t want to be recognized, he hates it. We are regularly offered to do reports together, magazine covers… We categorically refuse because I am in the light and he wants his writings to be in the light, not him. It is very disagreeable to him when you recognize him in the street. And what is terrible is that he was not known physically before. We knew his name but now people see me…

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