Faustine Bollaert “censored” at the time, she balances on “The Best Pastry Chef”

When we present a program, we have to defend it and sometimes hide certain things. It is probably not Faustine Bollaert who will say the opposite. She who animated The Best Pastry Chef a few years ago and of which she was not really a fan. But it is not from the show itself that the one that officiates today France 2 did not appreciate. Rather the goal of the program namely: culinary creations based on sugar.

Because yes, the host just admitted it on November 12 against Eric Dussart when he came to We redo the TV on RTL. She and sugar make two. “I’m not very sugary”, she confessed to the journalist before revealing that she did not really have the right to say it at the time when she hosted the show. Now “liberated” by her clause, she was able to let go and make revelations that were close to her heart.

Faustine Bollaert has a penchant for salty

“It was still complicated to say it, in the promo. […] I was told, ‘you don’t say it, you don’t say it’. […] So I get revenge nowsaid Faustine Bollaert before confiding: “Me, you offer me sausage [et des] Crisps are much more my thing than sweet.” Words that astonished Eric Dussart who then asked him: “Actually, you don’t like cakes! That’s what you’re telling us. You’ve been fooling around for five years.”

Faustine Bollaert then nuanced her remarks by specifying that she was not the first to rush me on the cakes. You know, you get on set at 7 a.m., you smell like chocolate until 2 a.m., after, you only dream of one thing, that’s a hamburger”, she finally concluded. Nevertheless, the one who flows happy days with her companion Maxime Chattamspecified that she appreciated the elements which are used to concoct a pastry.

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