experience the launch of the mega-rocket to the Moon live

Artemis-1: the United States again to conquer the Moon

We walked on the moonwas entitled – with fifteen years in advance of the historic Apollo-11 mission – the album of the adventures of Tintin published in 1954. With the takeoff of Artemis-1 scheduled for Wednesday, November 16, NASA can paraphrase Hergé and trumpet “We are going to walk on the moon again”.

Half a century after the end of the Apollo program, in 1972, the United States is preparing to return to the Earth’s natural satellite, and Artemis-1 is the first stage of this return.

It will not yet be time for the big show since this mission, which will take off from launch pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center (Florida), will not land on the Moon and will be carried out without a crew. The only humanoid passenger, a dummy equipped with sensors that will measure whether the acceleration on takeoff and the violent deceleration during re-entry into the atmosphere, after a twenty-five-day trip, will be well within the bearable range for organisms humans. Contenting itself with circumnavigating the Moon and then returning, Artemis-1’s main objective is to test all the systems necessary for an Earth-Moon round trip.

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