Exceptional back-to-school bonus: are you eligible for this purchasing power aid paid from this Tuesday?

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Second wave of payments of the exceptional back-to-school bonus this Tuesday: people who received an activity bonus last June are eligible for this aid. La Dépêche du Midi takes stock.

It is a newcomer to the landscape of aid and other boosts granted by the State to support the purchasing power of the French. Last September, the government decided to set up an “exceptional back-to-school bonus”, in order to help the poorest households cope with inflation. Since this Tuesday, November 15, this aid which has been “set up exceptionally” for those who benefit from “social minima”, has been extended to households who benefit from the activity bonus.

Who is concerned ?

Please note that this aid has nothing to do with the back-to-school allowance! According to the official website of the French administration, French people who received an activity bonus last June can claim this bonus in November. The first wave of payments, which started last September, concerned scholarship students, precarious elderly people and French people receiving APL.

What amount?

“The amount of their aid is 28 euros, to which are added 14 euros per dependent child (until the month preceding their 20th birthday). This payment takes place from this Tuesday, November 15 and is made automatically by the Caisse d ‘Family allowances.

In addition, beneficiaries of the active solidarity income (RSA); assistance with the family and social life of former migrants in their country of origin, subject to proof of a stable and regular residence in France; financial assistance for social and professional integration (AFIS); the allowance for disabled adults (AAH); personal housing assistance (APL, ALF, ALS); a specific solidarity allowance (ASS); a retirement equivalent allowance (AER); a solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA) or a special allowance for the elderly; or a simple allowance for the elderly are also eligible for this aid.

For these people, the payment of this exceptional back-to-school bonus started last September. For these beneficiaries, this premium is capped at 100 euros, “to which are added 50 euros per effective and permanent dependent child”. This aid was paid within the last two months.

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