Eventful end for Claire Chazal’s program “Passage des arts”

Phone calls, anger, petition signed by 163 personalities in the Sunday newspaper. Claire Chazal and his relatives did everything to save Passage of the artscultural program for the second part of the evening on Sunday evening on France 2. In vain. This Sunday evening, the former presenter of the JT of the weekend on TF1 presents its last emission, recorded in December.

The Parisian recounts in its edition of the day how the cessation of Passage of the arts put “the mess” in the corridors of France Télévisions between a “furious Claire Chazal”, a National Union of Journalists of the audiovisual group “very angry” and a very annoyed call from the press officer of Omar Sy.

Nice gesturea program devoted to cinema and presented by Pierre Lescure, will take over from Passage of the arts from next Sunday.

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