Environmental activists occupy three-star chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London

The fifteen activists from Animal Rebellion, an organization that defends plant-based food, sat at the reserved tables, brandishing fake menus with the environmental cost of the dishes served at the table.

Activists from Animal Rebellion, a group that advocates plant-based diets, have taken over a chef’s restaurant in London Gordon Ramsay, three stars in the Michelin guide on the evening of Saturday 20 November. These activists, who numbered fourteen according to Animal Rebellion, sat down at tables reserved for customers, and brandished “mock menusindicating the environmental cost of foods on the menu, the group explained in a statement. “Dishes include veal and steak, which are among the foods with the biggest carbon footprint and use the most landfor breeding, Animal Rebellion criticized.

The restaurant had to close earlier on Saturday evening as activists refused to leave. They finally left after dark.

Ecology and inequalities

This is “the perfect exampleof inequality in the UK, denounced Lucia Alexander, a 39-year-old nurse who took part in the occupation of the restaurant. “While Gordon Ramsay serves meals costing at least 155 pounds (178 euros) per person, more than two million people are dependent on food banks because of this cost of living crisisshe lamented. Instead of the colossal profits made by restaurants at the expense of animals, workers and our climate, we should feed everyone by supporting farmers and fishers in a transition to a plant-based food system.”

A spokeswoman for the restaurant criticized an action “deeply disrespectful“. “Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. However, breaking into a restaurant, disturbing the hard-working staff and ruining the evening of customers who have waited months for their reservation is incredibly inappropriate.»


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