Elie Semoun denounces “dumb” government measures during the health crisis

“There have been stupid government measures. The ban on visits to nursing homes during confinement has killed many elderly people. Loneliness, there is nothing worse”, said the comedian in substance this Sunday, January 15 on the morning airwaves of RMC. For once, Elie Semoun did not come to make his audience laugh. The management of the 2020 health crisis has, according to him, been fatal to many elderly people isolated in their retirement homes, cut off from the world and especially from their families. Dead of “loneliness” “more than of the Covid, that’s for sure”, he says. And he knows what he’s talking about… His father, Paul, seriously stricken with Alzheimer’s disease, had to end his days in an Ephad, in Lyon. With his sister, Elie “tried to be as present as possible, unfortunately we were prevented because there were stupid government measures.” Their father will die on September 12, 2020, at the age of 88.

A documentary “that speaks to everyone”

Previously, and for a whole year, the actor had filmed in all modesty and tenderness Paul’s fight against this disease which gradually erases memories. He made a documentary “Mon Vieux” from it, which was broadcast on LCP. Between disconcerting moments and scenes of laughter, the whole is very moving. On the set of “Quotidien”, Elie Semoun declared: “I hesitated (to make this documentary) because it is very shameless, because it is very intimate. But I realized with certain reactions that it was a rather moving documentary that spoke to everyone”, he said to Yann Barthès. And even today, his speech on the subject seems to speak well to all French families.

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