ELF: the Paris team is called the “Saints”

After raising the suspense for a few days on social networks, the Parisian franchise created for the European League of Football unveiled its name and visual identity on Monday.

Verdict: the Saints. A name accompanied by a logo in the shape of a cross decorated with lilies.

The ad was accompanied by a video full of very current (and very LinkedIn) language. City of light, creativity, inspiration, courage, strength, new saga, crossroads of the world, cosmopolitan, multicultural power, peace, bravery, artists, legend, revolutionaries, new era… Saints. Note the marketing audacity to evoke the revolutionaries to present a logo that incorporates both religious and monarchical symbols.

In the radius of NFL namesakes, Paris joins a league that also includes the Wroclaw Panthers, the Vienna Vikings, the Prague Lions, and the Munich Ravens in its ranks.

As a reminder, Paris will evolve in what will be the third season of the ELF, within the Western Conference. They will notably face the Cologne Centurions, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils and Rhein Fire.

It is not yet known in which stadium these Paris Saints will play. The season is due to start on June 3, 2023. The games have no broadcaster. They are offered on a Game Pass at 99.99 euros per season, or 49.99 euros if you only want to follow one team.

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