Electricity: what temperature should you set your refrigerator to in winter to save money?

With soaring energy prices, it is necessary to be careful. Here are some tips to apply to the refrigerator to reduce your bill.

It is one of the household appliances in the kitchen that consumes the most energy over the year: the refrigerator.

In fact, its electricity consumption is far from negligible, it corresponds at around 200 to 500 kWh/yearas reported Engie. But there are a few levers on which it is possible to act to reduce consumption his refrigerator and therefore his electricity bill.

The ideal temperature in winter

In order not to consume more energy than necessary without endangering the food, it suffices to set your fridge to +5°C and your freezer to -18°C. Thus the food will be protected and the device will not consume too much for nothing.

Don’t let the heat in

This may seem obvious, but you shouldn’t do not place dishes that are still hot or even lukewarm inside the refrigerator to avoid overconsumption of electricity in order to restore the correct temperature, as explained EDF.

It is also advisable toavoid opening and closing the door refrigerator for too long in order to limit heat gain inside and the creation of temperature differences.


Remember to defrost as soon as the layer of ice exceeds 2 to 3 mm : ventilated cold appliances do not need defrosting and distribute the cold better, but they consume more (up to 30% more), as reported by theAdeme.

The location in the room

Do not place the refrigerator near a heat source : next to the window and therefore the sun, a radiator and an oven.

It is important to ensure that air circulates around the device : there must be a distance of 10 cm behind and above the refrigerator.

Remove dust from the rear grille

Thoroughly clean the grill located at the back of the device will save more money. Accumulated dust and dirt can be the source of 30% of the electricity consumed by the device.

The seals must be clean and well adjusted: if they adhere badly, the refrigerator will consume more.

The right size

It is important to choose your device according to his needs. The capacity varies according to the number of people in the household: for one person count 100 to 150 liters, for 2 to 3 people, from 150 to 250 liters, for 3 or 4 people, from 250 to 350 liters and for more than 4 people, a capacity of 350 to 500 liters is required.

A combined appliance (refrigerator and freezer) makes more energy efficient if it is equipped with two compressors.

Ademe specifies that American refrigerators that dispense ice cubes consume twice as much as a conventional appliance.

The choice of the device according to the region of residence

The choice of refrigerator to purchase depends on the geographical area of ​​the accommodation and the place where it will be installed (kitchen, garage, cellar, etc.).

You have to choose your device depending on its climate class. “If the ambient temperature exceeds the upper value of the climatic class, the devices will over-consume. But if it goes below the lower value (in a cellar or other unheated room), they can stop”, specifies the Ademe.

The climate class is as follows: if the ambient temperature range is between +10°C to +32°C, you must opt ​​for an extended temperate climate class “SN”, if it is between +16°C to +32°C, the temperate class “N” will be preferred, if it is between +16°C to +38°C, the class will be subtropical “ST” and if it is between +16°C to +43 °C is the tropical class, “T”.

The choice of the device according to the energy class

Finally, it is obvious that the energy class refrigerator is important. It’s depending on the energy efficiency level of the model and its electrical poweron a scale ranging from green (economical) to red (highly energy-consuming), from the letter A to the letter G.

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