Electric car owners trapped by rising energy prices with charging prices tripling in several cities – Watch

Owners of electric cars trapped by the increase in the price of energy with the price of refills multiplied by 3 in several cities. France 3 devoted a report to this subject of which you can see an extract above.

The City of Paris has discreetly announced that the public charging network will revise its prices upwards through a single price list, valid in all the districts of the capital.

The result is a sharp increase in the prices of the 2,300 charging points managed by Belib’, the subsidiary of TotalEnergies, which takes care of the Parisian public charging network.

Thus, refueling a 60 kWh electric Renault Megane E-Tech goes from 25 euros to 37.60 euros for a ten-hour recharge on the 7 kW network without a subscription. It will now take 64 euros for the same operation, if you are not lucky enough to come across a 22 kW or 50 kW fast terminal.

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