Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: First Look Released On Dragon Ball Official Site – Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: First Preview released on the official Dragon Ball website

Like every month now, and in order to promote the next issue of V-Jump magazine which will be released on January 20, 2023 in Japan, the official Dragon Ball website share us today a first look at Chapter 89 of Dragon Ball Super by posting the drafts of the first pages made by Toyotaro.

In the previous chapterthe first of the new arc “ Superhero », we had followed Goten and Trunks in their high school life. At the same time, the two boys became superheroes who protect the city, the Saiyaman X1 and X2. In this new chapter, Mai transfers to Blue Hal High School, the same high school as Trunks. Additionally, another mysterious transfer student also makes an appearance.

Here are the drafts of the first 7 pages of this 89th chapter, with as always a detailed summary.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89: First Look

Chapter Title: A Rival Appears!

Several days after the events of Butterfly Mountain, Trunks can’t open Dr. Hedo’s data that he retrieved…until he tries it on Bulma’s computer. It turns out that these are shots of a (rather familiar) living organism. But opening the files triggers the release of a virus in the computer. Bulma, who enters at this moment, gets angry seeing Trunks on her computer and assumes that he must have broken his again. She criticizes him for having inherited her father’s talent, but not much of hers! Luckily, Bra fixes things in a pinch. She is much more talented than Trunks when it comes to computers.

Anyway, Bulma has a request for Trunks: take Mai to school, and not be late! Since Mai seems to be the same age as Trunks, Bulma has now enrolled her in the same high school as him, before the fact that a girl her age is not going to school gave rise to strange rumors.

Mai shows up to class, and people are impressed with her mature looks, as well as the fact that she goes to school while working (and living) at Capsule Corp. Scale asks if Mai has a boyfriend, but Trunks asks her to stop with that kind of question and that there’s no way she has one. A second new student is then introduced to the class: Beta (ベーター/Bētā, probably comes from Beta β). Rula, Trunks’ classmate, finding him very handsome, volunteers to take care of him… Mai seems to be watching him too, much to Trunks’ confusion.

It is then time for EPS. Trunks struggles at basketball, annoying his comrade Compass who finds him much stronger than usual today. Trunks then tells her that it’s because normally he holds back a bit more (but he’s probably trying to impress Mai now). The classmates cheer Trunks on, while Mai seems to notice something else…

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Preview

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Preview

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 Preview

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese animated series produced by the Toei Animation studio that aired from July 5, 2015 to March 25, 2018 on the Japanese channel Fuji TV, and since January 17, 2017 on Toonami in French. The series picks up sometime after Majin Buu’s defeat, beginning by reshooting the films that were released in theaters in 2013 and 2015, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’ before going on of the unprecedented. Dragon Ball Super is also adapted into a manga, drawn by Toyotaro and pre-published since June 20, 2015 in V-Jump magazine in Japan. A first Dragon Ball Super movie titled Broly was released on December 14, 2018 in Japan and March 13, 2019 in France. The second “Super Hero” movie was released on June 11, 2022 in Japan.

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