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Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy S23 on February 1. But the Korean brand seems to have a hard time keeping the secret around its next high-end smartphones. Today, it is the official images of the “classic” Galaxy S23 that are shared on the web.

After I had a nice overview of the Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra, it’s the turn of the “basic” model to be displayed from every angle through official photos. We also discover the four colors that will be offered by Samsung.

A Galaxy S23 made easy

picture samsung galaxy s23
© Samsung / WinFuture / Roland Quandt

In view of the photos presented to us, the most obvious change is at the level of the camera block. The metal plate that surrounds the modules of the Galaxy S22 bows out in favor of a more sober design that leaves the field open to the three cameras aligned vertically. The LED flash, very discreet, is positioned right next to it.

The rest of the design is altogether classic, with rounded edges and a front camera integrated into a punch in the screen. The contours of the panel are relatively thin and, like its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 should benefit from symmetrical borders. A detail that the most demanding users will appreciate.

photo samsung galaxy s23
© Samsung / WinFuture / Roland Quandt

The image that shows the right side of the smartphone is particularly rich in information. The first concerns the colors that will be offered: pink, beige, green and black. Samsung will choose much more poetic terms: “Mystic Lilac”, “Cotton Flower”, “Botanic Green” and “Phantom Black”.

We also note that the three photo modules stand out quite a bit from the phone. Their positioning, however, should make the phone slightly wobbly. A problem that generally disappears if you use a protective shell. At this stage, it is still difficult to appreciate the positioning of the volume control and power buttons. Only a handling in good and due form will make it possible to form an opinion on the question.

While the Galaxy S23 Ultra should benefit from a 200-megapixel camera module and 10x optical zoom, the “basic” S23 could have a more modest configuration. It would still offer great versatility with a wide-angle module, an ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens.

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Remember, the Galaxy S23 is the most compact of the three models that Samsung will offer. It will therefore be the most suitable for those who do not like XXL smartphones for their maneuverability or their natural tendency to deform the pockets. See you on February 1 for more details on the future flagships of the Korean brand.

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