Dijon. Due to a Carrefour error, consumers may have… a 40% discount on a pallet of pellets!

Bad surprise, Friday, November 18, for Maxime, customer of Carrefour Toison d’Or, in Dijon. The day before, he had unearthed on the paper catalog of the brand dedicated to Black Friday – for the period from Friday 18 to Monday 28 November – a nice promotional offer on wood pellets whose prices have been soaring for a few months : -40% on a pallet of pellets (about one ton), normally sold at around €800, i.e. about €300 in savings. But on D-Day, when he made the trip from Binges to take advantage of it, Maxime is disillusioned when he arrives at the hypermarket. In question, the rebate displayed has nothing left…

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