“Decathlon tents, a bit like the zizis of priests”

Guest of Amandine Bégot this Monday, November 14, Alexandre Bompard stayed for the chronicle of Philippe Caverivière. According to the columnist, the CEO of Carrefour is the “Jeff Bezos of the pot of rillettes, the Elon Musk of the Chocapics, the Bill Gates of the Panzani”. The French group achieved 23 billion euros in turnover in the third quarter of 2022. Before Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard relaunched Canal+, Europe 1 and FNAC. And Philippe Caverivière seems to have unlocked the secret of this success. “Your hobby is the sellers’ little sleeveless vest“, thinks the columnist.

The Sunday newspaper unveiled, Sunday, November 13, the ranking of the favorite companies of the French. And in the first place, we find Decathlon. Philippe Caverivière has his explanation of this place. “This first place for Decathlon is a bit of a cheat, they are just surfing on the economic crisis: yes, the more homeless people there are in France, the more two-second tents are needed. When you think about it, the tents are a bit like the penises of priests: they unfold in a few seconds and the scouts learn to use them very early“, explains the columnist.

Alexandre Bompard is also crazy about sports, especially tennis. Caroline Garcia was also invited on RTL this Monday, November 14. “Tennis is the sport of elegance, fair play, gentlemen”, confides Philippe Caverivière. The columnist takes Benoit Pair as an example. According to the columnist, the French sportsman, accustomed to rants on the pitch, “just took first place in the Gillette de la Tourette ranking“.

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