Corentin Moutet, eliminated in the 2nd round of the Australian Open: “With a tendon fracture, it’s impossible to do a backhand”

“How’s your wrist?” You played the entire game with a one-handed backhand…
I had no choice today… I thought I would recover better because I had managed to grit my teeth for my first round match, but that’s because it was still hot. I have a tendon fracture, so it’s impossible to do a backhand. It’s even complicated to take a bottle… The question before the match was whether I was going to play or not. As I had finished the match like that in the first round, I believed a lot in my chances, I told myself that I had my legs, a slice, and my forehand. That’s why we made the decision to play with my coach. Now, I don’t know yet if it will be necessary to operate or not. But it’s a little difficult news for the start of the year, especially since my primary objective was to play a full season.

“I prepared for eight weeks this winter to play and I can’t play, so it’s a bit frustrating

Despite that, you had a very good match…
I really believed in myself from the start and it didn’t go away. The second set is a bit frustrating, I have a 5-2 ball and I miss the volley… I would have liked to see what it would have been like if I scored. I have regrets on certain points, on somewhat hasty choices… But that’s tennis, often it’s only a matter of a few points. Today I didn’t do them and it cost me the match. I did what I could even if there are performance regrets. From the moment I make the decision to play, I go there as if it were a normal match, to win. So when I lose it’s really disappointing, as if I had my two hands… But Cerundolo is a very good player (29th player in the world), he was able to raise his level as the match progressed and he found its bearings. I’m frustrated because I can play better I think. I still have a lot of progress to make: I can serve better, in the forehand I can hit even harder, I wasn’t good enough today.

What about the rest of your season?
I won’t be able to play for a while. I was supposed to go to South America, I’ll have to cancel. The most important thing is to heal this wrist and not take any risks because I don’t want to drag it out all my career, I still have time and so here it is, heal it well and then I’ll be able to continue m to train in the forehand, continue to do physical work anyway, the advantage when you injure your hand is that you can continue to do things. So I’m not going to stop but it’s frustrating because I wanted to play. I prepared for eight weeks this winter to play and I can’t play, so it’s a bit frustrating. »


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