convinced that her Model 3 is a thermal car, she tries to fill up with gas

Not always easy to understand how to charge an electric car. Nevertheless, it is rare that their owners rely on good old gas pumps. However, this is what a driver decided, filmed by another dumbfounded customer who nevertheless tried to make him listen to reason.

tesla model 3 gasoline
Credits: RED Delta via YouTube

While electric cars are gradually making their way onto our roads and into our daily lives, the transition is still relatively slow and many drivers are unaware of how they work. Not to mention the old habits that sometimes die hard, or even the little moments of thoughtlessness that sometimes lead to mind-blowing mistakes.

It is therefore difficult to determine with certainty what could have brought this American driver, who can be seen in a video published on YouTube by the RED Delta channel, at a gas station. Indeed, this one visibly rolls with a Tesla Model 3. Suffice to say that the fuels made available will not be of much use to him to recharge the battery of his car.

She refuses to believe that her Model 3 does not recharge with gasoline

The video shows two women getting out of the vehicle and getting a gas pump, before getting stuck when they find the entrance to the tank. They then open the front cover, which unfortunately gives them no more information. After observing the scene for a few moments, the man filming then decides to help them.

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He explains to them that the Model 3 is an electric car and therefore the two drivers are not in the right place. But, plot twist, the latter do not believe a word of it. Even as the man shows them the adapter that allows them to recharge the car, the two women are convinced that it is having fun, and even convince themselves that it is a tip used to do the Refueling.

Despite all his efforts, the man finally gives up. The video ends as the driver persists in putting gasoline under the front hood of her car. The suite does not say if it managed to recharge the battery.

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