Club: Stade de France opens its doors to PSG, not interested so far

In an interview with the Sunday newspaper, the boss of Vinci Concessions, Pierre Copey, opened the doors of the Stade de France to PSG. However, the capital club has never shown interest so far, according to him.

The Parc des Princes fuels tensions between the city of Paris and PSG. For several weeks, the different parties have been waging a squabble through pikes interposed in the press about the enclosure of the Porte de Saint-Cloud. Faced with a continuing disagreement, several other options are taking shape and positioning themselves. Among them, the Stade de France is regularly linked to the club of the capital.

An option that could be credible as the 81,338-seat stadium reaches out to the reigning French champion. In the columns of the JDD, the boss of Vinci Concessions, Pierre Coppey, reaffirmed his persistent openness to the fact that PSG come to play in Saint-Denis. But the Parisian club does not seem quite so inclined: “We have been offering PSG to play at the Stade de France for thirty years. But the leaders and supporters, so far, have always told us that they are not interested. »

Paris City Hall wants to find common ground with PSG

In parallel with the opening of the Stade de France, the city of Paris also maintains the hope of reaching an agreement with PSG. Guest of RMC this Sunday, Anne Hidalgo’s assistant, Pierre Rabadan, repeated the desire to find common ground with the capital club: “The history of PSG must continue at the Parc des Princes, it is our will. I believe that the mayor of Paris has been clear: the Parc des Princes is no longer for sale. There have been discussions for a very long time, now the mayor has decided. We are a partner of the club, we must resume discussions outside the media. »

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