Clash on TPMP between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard: stoppage of the show, fine … what are the consequences of the case?

This Monday, November 14, in his program Touche pas à mon poste, Cyril Hanouna spoke about his altercation with Louis Boyard.

The passes of arms continue between Louis Boyard and Cyril Hanouna. The altercation between the LFI deputy and the flagship host of C8 will have legal action. In effect, the elected representative of La France Insoumise filed a complaint against the host as well as against the director of publication of the C8 channel for “public insult towards a person entrusted with a public service mission”.

I will file a complaint against @Cyrilhanouna.

And I will file a complaint with a thought for the millions of people who have been insulted.

Insulted every time TPMP invited the far right and made racist and Islamophobic remarks on their shows.

— Louis Boyard (@LouisBoyard) November 14, 2022

After that, Cyril Hanouna counter-attacked and also decided to “sue Louis Boyard, he then announced during his show on Monday, November 14. “He said that we encouraged him to say things on the show, we are going to attack him for that and all the defamation he had against us”, specified the troublemaker of the PAF on the set. Don’t Touch My Post.

ARCOM took up the case

ARCOM (ex-CSA), took up the case after receiving several complaints from viewers, recalls RTLwhich recalls that the extract deemed problematic will be scrutinized.

As for sanctions, the range of possibilities is quite wide. It can go from a simple call to order, formal notice, through the suspension of advertisements in the program. As our colleagues recall, this had already happened in 2017 following a sequence deemed homophobic.

Finally, the ultimate sanction and undoubtedly the heaviest and the withdrawal of the authorization to transmit, which would mean thestopping the show.

As a reminder, Louis Boyard, ex-columnist of Touche not at my post, was to participate in the debate on the reception of the Ocean Viking. The exchange quickly turned confrontational, when he mentioned the “five richest people in the world”, responsible for “impoverishing Africa”, citing among them Vincent Bolloré. “Abruti”, “Bouffon”, “Tocard”, “You’re a shit”, then launched Cyril Hanouna. The host has since offered a half-hearted apology on his Twitter account.

My darlings, I am whole, loyal, sincere, and I will always be on the air myself. I am sanguine and true like some politicians. The only thing I regret is that I insulted him, it wasn’t a good example. For the rest I have no regrets and I would always defend my friends. I vs u2764ufe0f

— Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) November 13, 2022

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