Chris Hemsworth says he’s at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth presents the film Spiderhead. (Sydney, June 11, 2022.) Getty Images

In an interview at Vanity Fair, the interpreter of Thor revealed that he had a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. A predisposition he discovered after having carried out a genetic test, during a shoot.

The news had the effect of an electric shock. Chris Hemsworth has just revealed to have “eight to ten times greater risk” than the average of developing Alzheimer’s disease. “I’m grateful to have learned it because I now have a whole series of tools that allow me to prepare myself as well as possible,” says the actor in an interview with Vanity Fair .

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If he still intends to embody Thor in the cinema, the 39-year-old Australian now wants to slow down. “It really triggered something in me,” he told the magazine. “And since we finished filming, I’ve been finishing the things that I signed up for. Then when I’m done promoting the show, I’ll go home and enjoy my free time and be with my kids and my wife (married to actress Elsa Pataky, he is the father of three children, editor’s note).»

A genetic test

Chris Hemsworth made this discovery, he says, while filming his documentary series Without limits, airing on Disney+ since November 16. He explores different ways to keep his body healthy and as long as possible, through six physical challenges.

Following a genetic test, the Australian discovered that he had two copies of the APOE4 gene. This considerably increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease characterized by progressive memory loss. And where one in four people in the world carry a single copy of the gene, only 2-3% of the population have two, like Chris Hemsworth. “It’s not a predetermining gene, but it’s a strong indication,” he told the magazine.

“That’s my excuse now”

Nevertheless, despite the news, the brother of Liam Hemsworth has not lost a crumb of his self-mockery. “I feel like my memory is deteriorating. It’s a placebo effect – or it’s happening,” jokes the legendary interpreter of Thor. What the journalist of Vanity Fair replied, “Every time you forget something, you’re like, ‘Oh no, is that it?'” And the Aussie actor concluded, “Yeah, that’s my excuse now.”

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