Chris Hemsworth learns he has a genetic predisposition to develop Alzheimer’s

It was following a genetic test revealing this predisposition that the actor announced that he was taking a break from his career.

At 39, Chris Hemsworth made the decision to put his career on hold.

While preparing to shoot the new documentary series Without limits on Disney+the American actor learned to have 8 to 10 times more risk of developing the disease thanAlzheimer’s due to a predisposition genetic.

A sick grandfather himself

It was during an interview with Vanity Fair magazine that he said:

Once I finish the promo for this project, I’ll go home and take a huge break and rest. I just want to enjoy being with my children and my wife.

And it was the medical examinations that the actor had to perform for this shoot that revealed the presence of two copies of the APOE4 gene. A 2019 study showed a relationship between this gene and neurodegenerative disease, and more specifically in theTau protein aggregation.

Many genes associated with Alzheimer’s

A few months ago, an international study allowed the identification of 42 new genes associated with Alzheimer’s disease. What promote understanding of the development process of the disease.

Based on their results, the researchers established a genetic risk score to gauge more precisely which people already suffering from cognitive disorders could develop the disease. Although this tool is not currently intended for clinical application, it could “prove useful in setting up therapeutic trials to categorize participants according to their risk and better assess the benefit of the drugs tested”, then concluded Jean-Charles Lambert, director of research at CNRS.

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