Charlene of Monaco exasperated by pregnant Charlotte Casiraghi, a dirty habit deplored

Former very high-level sportswoman, Charlene of Monaco would be exasperated by a dirty habit of her niece, Charlotte Casiraghi, who would be pregnant with her third child, and second in her marriage to producer Dimitri Rassam.

And this dirty habit is recalled by the Spanish media, Mujerhoy, which also fuels the pregnancy of the Monegasque heiress.

This joyful news was revealed by the magazine Here, who understands that her delivery is scheduled for the summer.

And the dirty habit that Charlene of Monaco wouldn’t put up with in her niece would be his addiction to cigarettes. She would have reproached him for it several times. The two princesses are very close.
At the beginning of each pregnancy, she would stop smoking, she appears with big wool sweaters. She would opt for loose clothing to hide any bulges.

These are elements that would confirm a happiness in sight. Unlike some members of the princely family, including his cousin Louis Ducruet, who organized a baby shower with his wife, Marie, Charlotte Casiraghi should remain discreet.
She would be inspired in this by her mother, Caroline of Monaco, allergic to comments on her private life.

Another rumor also claims Charlene of Monaco of her third child.

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