‘Ceballos and Asensio changed the game’

Carlo Ancelotti celebrated in the press room a comeback on merit (2-3) which allows Real Madrid to stay in the race in the Copa and put an end to the crisis of results that the team was going through.

The comeback: “Yes, we came back. The first half was not good and it was unexpected. It is difficult to change the dynamic, but the team showed character and personality. The second half gave us a lot of confidence: we didn’t give up, we fought for every ball… You (the journalists) also changed the titles of your articles.”

Controversy with Vinicius and Rodrygo: “Reina was a bit annoyed with Vinicius and nothing more. What I saw from Vinicius was that he took a lot of beatings as always. Rodrygo’s replacement is because he was a bit overloaded and that I preferred not to take any risks. He didn’t greet me because I think he forgot, that’s nothing.”

The Camavinga game: “With a lot more energy and more character. I didn’t take him out because he’s learning little by little and his match was very complete.”

The team’s reaction: “I was very angry because in the duels we weren’t convincing and I told the team that they had time to wake up and they did it very well. We can’t play like we did in the first half, but the reaction was spectacular. This badge never gives up.”

The entrance of Dani Ceballos : “Ceballos and Asensio changed the dynamics of the game because they put more quality and energy, they were decisive in overturning the result”.

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