cat found in suitcase at airport during x-ray check

The animal would have slipped into the luggage by mistake and was found safe and sound.

“A historic find”. Agents at JFK airport in New York, United States, shared photos on Tuesday from one of their scanners on social networks: in the middle of various products in a suitcase, you can very clearly see the silhouette of a cat lying in the luggage.

This story goes back to November 16, reports NBC News. The bag in question was checked in for a flight from New York to Orlando (Florida), with a scheduled connection in Atlanta (Georgia).

The cat “is out of the bag and is safe”

In other photos shared by the TSA, orange hairs can be seen protruding from the suitcase and an officer opening the bag to find the cat inside, which airport officials say is alive and well. He “came out of the bag and is safe,” says TSA.

“The x-ray machine is this cat’s new best friend,” assures Lisa Farbsteinbecause transport in these conditions could have been fatal for the animal.

The owner of the luggage said “the cat belonged to someone else” living in his home, says TSA. It would have slipped into the suitcase without the traveler realizing it.

“Cats like spaces surrounded by barriers,” says Katherine Houpt, animal behavior expert, to NBC News.

CBS recalls for its part that the agents of the airports regularly find strange elements in the suitcases which they control citing, inter alia: a gun hidden in a raw chicken, a chainsaw or a burrito with methamphetamine.

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