Black Friday 2022: the best live offers on 4K TVs, laptops, SSDs…

Black Friday 2022: the best live offers on 4K TVs, laptops, SSDs...

LEGO opens the doors of Hogwarts to you with this splendid construction. It will take you many hours before you can assemble this behemoth. This complex set presents a nice challenge and is therefore recommended for teenagers (from 16 years) as well as adults. But we reassure you, all the steps are carefully explained.

When built, the castle measures over 23” (58cm) high, 27” (69cm) wide and 17” (43cm) deep. You will find many cult places there such as Hagrid’s Hut, the Great Hall, the Potions Classroom, the Room of Requirement, the Chamber of Secrets, the Library, etc.

To bring this great universe to life, you also have 27 minifigures, including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, and more.

The exterior, like the interior, is perfectly detailed. It’s like you were there! Once the set is assembled, you can display it and admire all the finishes. However, as you can imagine, you will need quite a bit of space to be able to display this beautiful collector’s item.

From an introductory price of €149.99, the Chamber of Secrets is priced at €99.90 at Amazon.

Buy the Chamber of Secrets at 99.90€ at Amazon

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