Benzema, serious accusations against Deschamps!

New elements have been revealed around Karim Benzema’s package for the World Cup. An additional stone in the garden of Didier Deschamps.

Critics never end for Didier Deschamps. The Blues have however managed the feat of playing in the final of the World Cup despite the many blows of fate that have befallen the France team. But between his extension until 2026, the lack of enthusiasm to defend Zinedine Zidane after the lunar outing of Noël Le Graët and the conditions of Karim Benzema’s package, the coach is going through difficult times.

Two months after the forced departure of the Ballon d’Or 2022, Jérôme Rothen thus brought new elements against the staff of the France team. “When he gets injured and they tell him after the MRI that it’s 3 weeks, Karim wants to get the pictures back. He couldn’t get them back, he was told no, they belonged to the Federation. That’s what he was told. Karim Djaziri collected the photos from people who work in Doha. This is not normal”he launched in his show on RMC.

And like the adviser to the Madrid striker, Jérôme Rothen seems convinced that the picture has been blackened by the medical staff of the Blues to force his package. “The day after Karim left, I was shown the image and the doctor who showed me this image told me that it was 7 days off. It’s still weird that he fires Karim Benzema”, he continued. The facts also confirm this hypothesis since the former Lyonnais was able to resume training normally on his return from vacation in Reunion, a fortnight after his injury.

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