Benjamin Castaldi receives bad news live, he is forced to leave the TPMP set

Benjamin Castaldi thought of a joke! However, Cyril Hanouna was very serious when he told him bad news in full live from “Touche pas à mon poste”. The columnist then had to leave for a few minutes before returning disappointed.

Wednesday evening, Cyril Hanouna was back on the air on C8. He has indeed recovered his place as animator in Do not touch My TV after having deserted the set the day before to be able to watch the match with his son Lino. It was therefore Benjamin Castaldi that he had trusted to replace him. During this new issue, Cyril Hanouna had the opportunity to talk about different subjects, the trip to Guadeloupe of candidates for Miss France or the star Academy. The eliminated at the gates of the final Tiana and Chris were also invited to take stock of their adventure. But the show was marked by another improbable sequence…

In the middle of the discussion, Cyril Hanouna spoke to Benjamin Castaldi. “How did you come today? By scooter ?“, he asked him out of nowhere. After the columnist answered him positively, Baba announced very bad news: “There’s a truck that just ran into it.” Follower of jokes, Cyril Hanouna was not immediately convinced. And yet, it was indeed the truth. Benjamin Castaldi went to check for himself and therefore left the set for a few minutes. When he came back, he was bringing a piece of his scooter’s bumper with him.”This is what’s left of my scooter. He tells me ‘I haven’t seen the scooter’“, he reported, speaking of the driver at fault.

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