Beatrice Borromeo resplendent in gold at the 2022 Monegasque National Day gala

Beatrice Borromeo stood out this November 19, 2022 in the evening, when she appeared at the Grimaldi Forum in a magnificent golden dress. Princess Caroline of Hanover’s daughter-in-law wore a dress to match the blondeness of her hair. Pierre and his wife Beatrice once again formed the most glamorous couple of the new generation of the Grimaldi clan.

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Beatrice Borromeo in red during the day and gold in the evening

At the Grimaldi, there are really two clans that compete in terms of fashion house. Princess Caroline, friend of the late Karl Lagerfeld, has shown her preference for Chanel for many years. Her first daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi followed her. Today, Charlotte is an ambassador for Chanel. For Pierre, Caroline’s second son, it was Dior who found favor in his eyes. Pierre Casiraghi and his wife, Beatrice Borromeo, are both muses for Christian Dior.

Gareth Wittstock, Beatrice Borromeo, Princess Caroline of Hanover, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Andrea Casiraghi, Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam at the 2022 National Day Gala (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

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November 19, the day of the national day in monaco, the Monegasques have a habit of scrutinizing all the members of the princely family who take part in the events. Unsurprisingly, everyone wears an outfit from their favorite house. Princess Caroline and Charlotte wore Chanel day and night, while Beatrice Borromeo wore Dior.

Beatrice Borromeo arrives with her mother-in-law, Princess Caroline of Hanover (Photo: David Nivère/Abacapress)

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A national holiday in a total Dior look for the wife of Pierre Casiraghi

To attend the thanksgiving mass at the cathedral and to attend the military parade and medal presentation in the morning, Beatrice Borromeo, 37, wore a scarlet red ensemble by Dior.

To attend the National Day celebrations during the day, Beatrice Borromeo wore a red Dior ensemble, here with her two sons, Stefano and Francesco, and her husband, Pierre Casiraghi (Photo: David Nivère/Abacapress)

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In the evening, to attend the gala show at the Grimaldi Forum, she wore a golden dress. Pierre Casiraghi did not accompany his wife to the gala. Beatrice went to the party with her mother-in-law, Princess Caroline.

Beatrice Borromeo wore a golden dress that matched her blonde hair to attend the 2022 National Day gala (Photo: David Nivère/Abacapress)

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The golden dress, embellished with embroidered elements and sequins, perfectly matched her long blond curly hair. She also wore a matching headband. The golden pumps were also signed Dior. As for the earrings, they have not been clearly identified but Beatrice is also a Buccellati ambassador for jewelry.

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