Australian Open > Djokovic: “Eurosport has completely overstepped the mark. Will they publicly apologize to me? I don’t think so”

Novak does not budge, Eurosport owes him an apology after circulating the information that he had disobeyed the referee during his first round. The Serb now demands a real voice from the sports channel because it is not the first time he has been targeted.

“I can tolerate some things, others I can’t – they don’t deserve to have such a thing allowed, to get away with it. Usually I don’t react, even though I could have reacted thousands of times for different things in the past. Today, they have completely exceeded the limits. No one publicly apologized to me. Will they publicly apologize to me? I do not think so. Eurosport broadcasts the Australian Open, it is one of the biggest sports channels in the world. They could issue a public apology. »

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