Aulas puts pressure on its players / France / Olympique Lyonnais /

Despite the tremorsJMA is still there.

This Saturday, against Strasbourg, John Textor, who arrived in France on Thursday, will attend his first match as owner of Olympique Lyonnais. In the columns of The TeamJean-Michel Aulas shed some light on OL’s new way of working. “We worked out some limits together. I decide for 95% of the operational and, for the 5%, it is dialogue, agreement. The rest is only if we slip up in the results or if we exceed the level of commitment decided” details JMA, which therefore confirms to keep an important place within the club.

“I went to shake hands with all the players on Friday, and by addressing them, I wanted to remind them that I was still the boss. I’m not saying this out of boastfulness, but to show my total involvement. We have everything to succeed, and if we can’t do it, it’s because the players aren’t doing enough.” completes Aulas, who claims to have felt that “As things stand, John Textor didn’t want to be on the front line too soon” facing the players.

Nine points from a European place, the urgency is there, despite everything.


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