Assembly and import of cars: Tebboune gives a “blow of pressure”

The issue of assembly and import of vehicles again before the Council of Ministers chaired today by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

During the meeting of the Council of Ministers on November 14, 2022; The head of state Abdelmadjid Tebboune gave a firm instruction to the head of the trade and industry sector.

Faced with the long wait of the Algerians; President Tebboune ordered the publication, next Thursday, of the specifications relating to the assembly of cars and vehicle dealers.

Indeed, the new decision of the Head of State comes to give a boost to the process of resuming the importation of new vehicles which should be available from the beginning of next year; after several years of stalemate.

Maritime transport, Tebboune wants a reinforcement of the fleet

At the same meeting, the Council of Ministers also discussed the transport file of goods by sea, with the participation of the first manager of the sector Kamel Beldjoud.

On this file, President Tebboune gave new instructions to those responsible for the sector, including Minister Kamel Beldjoud. Indeed, he ordered the start of the process of purchasing new ships with the aim of strengthening the fleet.

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