Arrest of 4 people at the head of drug trafficking in Fort-de-France

The narcotics brigade of the Fort-de-France police station carried out numerous searches and surveillance in order to dismantle drug trafficking in the capital. 4 people at the head of this traffic were arrested in front of the Asylum market on 7 November.

Crack made on site

The police carried out searches which led to the discovery of a laboratory where crack was manufactured and where a sum of 4595 euros was stored.

23 g of cocaine, 121 g of crack, 62 g of resin, 2 feet of cannabis, a 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun with its 23 “brennek” cartridges, 92 cartridges of cigarettes and a new scooter bought with the profits from the traffic were also discovered.

Dealers and consumers

3 of the 4 in custody were heard and admitted the facts. One of them, aged 64, confessed about the manufacture of the product he supplied to the head of the deal point, he was 59 years old. The latter admitted selling and supplying the two other individuals arrested, themselves consumers and dealers and aged 30 and 35 years. At the end of their police custody, the four individuals were brought to the Fort-de-France public prosecutor’s office on November 9 and then imprisoned in the Ducos penitentiary center for a court appearance on December 5.

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